Hybrid (2007)
By: Devon B. on February 21, 2016 | Comments
Icon | All Regions, PAL | 2.35:1 (16:9 enhanced) | English DD 5.1 | 90 minutes (Full Specs)
The Movie
Cover Art
Director: Eric Valette
Starring: Oded Fehr, Alden Adair, Shannon Beckner, Shane Bellegarde, Adrien Dorval
Screenplay: Neal Marshall Stevens
Country: USA
I've been confused about the movies in our review pool before and that confusion has always lead to disappointment. This time it wasn't my fault! There's a movie called Hybrid that's about a guy who's a hybrid between a man and a wolf, and I like werewolves. I was hesitant to put my hand up for Hybrid and actually did some research. I found that there was another movie that was called Super Hybrid but the review disc wasn't claiming to be super so I thought I was safe. I guess the movie got retitled in Australia or something because there were no cheap werewolves here, just some morphing car.

My first clue that I wasn't about to watch the movie I'd been hoping for was the opening sequence, which follows a car driving around. The vehicle targets two guys by changing into a different car, then gets itself in an accident. The car is taken to the police department's car maintenance building, where, the viewer is informed a few times, there's no mobile reception. The car doesn't waste much time before it starts offing the crew who happen to be on site. Instead of wasting even less time evacuating the area, these geniuses stick around to get maximum overdrived.

The first comparison that sprang to mind for me with this one was I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle, but that movie is a comedy and Hybrid seems to be playing its ridiculous plot straight. That could potentially make it even funnier, but despite some silly scripting I was generally not amused. I was bemused by some of the story, but aside from a poorly conceived riff on a classic line from Predator, nothing about Hybrid made me laugh. A major dilemma for scriptwriters of this sort of movie is plausibly keeping its characters in danger, but Hybrid doesn't worry about that and instead relies on plotting by convenience or hammering home minor details like the aforementioned mobile phone reception issue. Production values are decent, but the acting is uneven and the lead actress is the least convincing of the cast. It's not a totally incompetent mess, but it's also a movie that I had to wonder why it got made. There's a reference to the Transformers so maybe it's meant to appeal to fans of that series, but I don't know any of them so I can't ask them their thoughts on Hybrid.

Aside from pretending that this movie relates to that Futurama episode where Bender turns into a werecar, Hybrid didn't meet my were-needs. I'm also not a big fan of vehicle movies in general, leaving others to get fast and furious, so I'm not the target demographic for this movie. It might be a good one for a beer and pizza night with some friends that like to laugh incredulously at ridiculous movies, but watching it on my own I struggled to maintain interest.
The Disc
This movie's only a few years old so it looks pretty good. Sometimes the image takes on a murkier look, but I think that was more about the movie taking place in dark environments than a problem with the transfer. There's a little bit of macroblocking, but otherwise the print is fine. The audio track is clean and clear, but the 5.1 mix didn't offer up a lot of note. A lot of the movie takes place in what's essentially an enclosed car park, so there are some echoes and a few other directional touches, but Hybrid isn't a wower on the audio front. The only extras are trailers for Insidious and The Lost Bladesman, which play on start up.
The Verdict
Hybrid is a bland, utterly forgettable film. The explanation as to what's going on is pretty silly, but aside from that the movie is one giant case of the doldrums.
Movie Score
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