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C.H.U.D. DVD Mr Intolerance
Cabin Fever DVD J.R. McNamara
Cabin in the Woods, The (2011) DVD Devon B.
Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The DVD J.R. McNamara
Caged (2010) DVD Rip
Caligula DVD Joe Lewis
Caligula (3 Disc Imperial Edition) DVD Joe Lewis
Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler/White Slave DVD Mr Intolerance
Cam Girl DVD Paul Ryan
Camille 2000 DVD Michelle R.
Camp Blood DVD Devon B.
Camp Blood 2 DVD Devon B.
Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre DVD Devon B.
Campus DVD Captain Red Eye
Candy Snatchers, The DVD Mr Intolerance
Candyman (Umbrella) DVD David Michael Brown
Candyman (Universal SE) DVD Devon B.
Cannibal DVD Devon B.
Cannibal Apocalypse DVD CJ
Cannibal Campout DVD Lauren Monaghan
Cannibal Ferox DVD Michael Helms
Cannibal Holocaust DVD Michael Helms
Cannibal SuburbiaAussie Screener J.R. McNamara
Cannibal Terror (Hardgore UK) DVD Drexl
Cannibal Terror (Severin USA) DVD Julian
Cannibal! The Musical DVD David Michael Brown
Cannibals DVD Craig Villinger
Cape Fear (1991) DVD Julian
Captain Berlin versus Hitler DVD Devon B.
Captivity DVD J.R. McNamara
Car, The DVD Rip
Card Player, The DVD Michael Helms
Carmilla HydeAussie Screener Rip
Carnage: Mindbomb Comic Tristan Jones
Carnal Violence DVD David Michael Brown
Carnival of Souls (1962) DVD Michael Helms
Carrie DVD Michael McQueen
CassandraAussie DVD Michelle R.
Casshern DVD Tristan Jones
Castle Freak DVD Julian
Castle of Blood DVD Drexl
Castlevania Game Tristan Jones
Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Game Tristan Jones
Cat and the Canary, The DVD David Michael Brown
Cat in the Brain DVD J.R. McNamara
Catacombs DVD Craig Villinger
Cat's Eye (Madman) DVD J.R. McNamara
Cat's Eye (Universal) DVD Tristan Jones
Catwoman DVD J.R. McNamara
Cave of the Living Dead DVD CJ
Cave, The DVD J.R. McNamara
Cavern, The DVD Craig Villinger
Cemetery Gates DVD Devon B.
Centerfold Girls, The DVD Mr Intolerance
Chain Reaction, TheAussie DVD Paul Ryan
Chained Girls/Daughters of Lesbos DVD J.R. McNamara
Chanbara Beauty (2008) DVD Stuart Giesel
Chariots of the Gods DVD Paul Ryan
Chaser, The DVD James Gillett
Chaw DVD Devon B.
Chernobyl Diaries (2012) DVD Fin H.
Cherry 2000 DVD Sam Bowron
Cherry Falls DVD Devon B.
Chesty's Enormous Hits DVD Mark Nichols
Children of the Living Dead DVD Mr Intolerance
Children, The DVD Devon B.
Child's Play DVD Tristan Jones
Chiller DVD Julian
Chilling, The (1989) DVD Devon B.
Chocolate Blu-ray Devon B.
Chopper Chicks in Zombietown DVD Tristan Jones
Chosen One: Legend of the Raven, The DVD Devon B.
Christiane F. DVD Michelle R.
Christine Book Julian
Christine/Sleepwalkers/Apt Pupil 3 Movie Collector's Pack DVD Mr Intolerance
Christmas Evil DVD Devon B.
Christmas Season Massacre, The DVD Devon B.
Church, The DVD Dr. Obrero
Cinema Sewer #18 Zine chrysalis
Cinema Sex Sirens Book J.R. McNamara
CinemaphobiaAussie Screener James Gillett
Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant Blu-ray J.R. McNamara
Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV DVD Devon B.
City of the Dead DVD CJ
City of the Living Dead DVD Michael Helms
Class of 1984 (Beyond) DVD Mr Intolerance
Class of 1984 (Big Sky Video) DVD David Michael Brown
Class of Nuke 'Em High DVD Devon B.
Clean, Shaven DVD Mr Intolerance
Cliffhanger DVD Julian
Clockwork Orange, A Book Julian
Cloverfield DVD Mr Intolerance
Clown Hunt (2010) DVD J.R. McNamara
Cobra (1986) Blu-ray Devon B.
Codex Atanicus Screener Mr Intolerance
Coffy DVD Stuart Giesel
Cold Fear Game Tristan Jones
Cold Fish (2010) Blu-ray Stuart Giesel
Colin DVD Sam Bowron
Collingswood Story, The DVD CJ
Colombiana DVD Devon B.
Colombiana Blu-ray Stuart Giesel
Colony of the Dark DVD Devon B.
Color Me Blood Red DVD Michael Helms
Comics Go to Hell, The Book J.R. McNamara
Commando DVD Mr Intolerance
Commune, The Screener Captain Red Eye
Conan the Barbarian DVD Mr Intolerance
Conquest DVD Mr Intolerance
Constantine DVD J.R. McNamara
Contamination (Blue Underground) DVD David Michael Brown
Contamination (Stomp Visual) DVD M. Walsh
Contraband DVD M. Walsh
Cool Devices DVD Captain Red Eye
Count Dracula DVD Mr Intolerance
Countess Dracula DVD Michael Helms
Countess Dracula/The Vampire Lovers DVD Mr Intolerance
Covenant, The DVD Paul Ryan
Cradle of Fear DVD CJ
Crank Blu-ray J.R. McNamara
Crash TestAussie DVD Devon B.
Crawlspace DVD Robert Winter
Crazies, The (1973) DVD J.R. McNamara
Crazies, The (2010) Blu-ray J.R. McNamara
Creature Walks Among Us, The DVD Mr Intolerance
Creep DVD J.R. McNamara
Creepshow DVD Mr Intolerance
Creepshow 2 DVD Mr Intolerance
Creepshow III DVD J.R. McNamara
Crimson Nights DVD Devon B.
Crocodile (1981) DVD Julian
Crocodile (2000) DVD Craig Villinger
Crocodile 2: Death Swamp DVD Devon B.
Cry Wolf DVD J.R. McNamara
Cthulhu DVD Mr Intolerance
Cube / Cypher Blu-ray Rip
Cure DVD Mr Intolerance
Curse of the Komodo DVD Robert Winter
Cut and Run DVD Julian
Cutie Honey DVD Craig Villinger
Crow, The (1994) Blu-ray Devon B.
Caretaker, The (2012)
DVD Devon B.
Carrie (1976) Blu-ray Stuart Giesel
Creepy Presents Steve Ditko (2013) comic J.R. McNamara
Crystal Lake Memories (2013) Blu-ray Devon B.
Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas (2012) DVD Devon B.
Curse of Chucky (2013) Blu-ray Fin H.
Commando (1985) Blu-ray Devon B.
Cat People (1982) Blu-ray Stuart Giesel
City of the Living Dead (1980) Blu-ray Ryan Morrissey-Smith
Crimson Peak (2015) Cinema Stuart Giesel
Cannibal Holocaust (1980) Blu-ray Rip
Cyber City Oedo 808 DVD Michael McQueen
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5 Mold (2012) DVD J.R. McNamara
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8 Phenomena (1985) Blu-ray J.R. McNamara
9 The Jungle (2013)
Cinema Devon B.
10 The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) Cinema Stuart Giesel
1 House at the End of the Street (2012) Blu-ray J.R. McNamara
2 Django Unchained (2012) Cinema Stuart Giesel
3 Punisher, The (1989) Blu-ray Devon B.
4 Possession (1981) DVD Stuart Giesel
5 Miami Connection (1987) Blu-ray Stuart Giesel
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10 Mandingo (1975) Blu-ray Stuart Giesel


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