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 A Nightmare On Samityville Street - Reviewing, dissecting, ripping, and tearing all things horror.

 Cinemania - New Zealand's source for alternative movie reviews.

 Explosive Action - An action movie blog focusing on b-grade, direct-to-dvd, and made for TV gems.

 Girls, Guns and Ghouls - Three things no site should be without!

 Necroscope - The Australian zombie review blog.

 Refused Classification - Censorship in Australia.

 The Bludgeoner - Reviews. Rants. Interviews. Always offensive.

 Undead Backbrain - Focusing on the important things, like giant monster and zombie films.

 Undead Brainspasm - The burst appendage of Undead Backbrain.

 Unflinching Eye - Savage and unusual cinema from an Aussie perspective.

Australian Movie & Industry Links

 A Night of Horror - Australia's premiere horror fest.

 Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft - You wouldn't steal a handbag...

 Australian Horror Films Facebook Group - Why work when you can Facebook?

 Australian Horror Writers Association - Dead tree technology still lives!

 Axed - A virus...You're immune...No one else is.

 Bad Habits - Aussie Nunsploitation!

 Classification Board - Ye olde refusers of classification.

 El Monstro Del Mar - Russ Meyer-esque vixens vs a giant sea monster!

 From Parts Unknown - Forthcoming wrestling/horror whackiness.

 MUFF - The Melbourne Underground Film Festival.

 Melbourne Horror Film Society - Dedicated to screening the best/worst horror films ever made.

 Scarecrow - Slick investment trailer. Let's hope they shoot the rest of it

 Schooner of Blood - AKA Slaughtered. Schooner or later, you're going to die.

 StrongMan Pictures - Video production and equipment hire company.

 The Counterpart - Gagsters, hit women, and zombies from South Australia.

 The Dark Lurking - Creatures and guns. This looks like some cool shit!

 The Dark Psychosis - Free online anthology series from Stuart Simpson.

 The Disturbed - Aussie zombie flick, in limbo.

 The Reef - Pray that your drown first.

 Trasharama A-Go-Go - Australia's nastiest short film festival. Fun is guaranteed!

Archived Australian Movie & Industry Links

DR Approved Linkage

 DVD Bits - One of Australia's longest running DVD news and reviews sites.

 Sex Gore Mutants - A fantastic genre site from the UK.

 The Chopping List - Banned and censored movies in Australia.

 Varied Celluloid - Covering the strange cinematic landscape since 2003.


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